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About Us

The NextGen SCM inc team has an unparalleled 22-year track record of 100% success delivering excellence full-scale end-to-end business process automation and SAP integration programs for global manufacturing and logistics enterprises through intelligent and smart digital supply chain solutions.
NextGen SCM inc decades-proven powerful solution-delivery model accelerates schedules, increases value, and guarantees business results through the company’s high-performance people, tools, templates, approach, and values. NextGen SCM inc is composed of the world’s most experienced, highest performing consultants, and the firm always meets/exceeds expectations ensuring its continued two-decade track-record of 100% success and 100% positive client references. 

Excellence Delivered

Our track record of 100% project success and efficient business outcomes for our clients is achieved through smart planning and execution.

What we do:

We transform business to achieve excellence in the supply chain. We work with manufacturing and supply chain companies who are experiencing issues with their current workflows and inefficiencies. We assess these inefficiencies and find opportunities for higher profitability and excellence in the supply chain process.

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